Commencement of Operations at the New FNA… MTA and SLCAA Engaged Aviation Stakeholders

24th March 2023

Freetown International Airport – Lungi

The Ministry of Transport and Aviation (MTA), together with the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA) has engaged aviation stakeholders on the commencement of operations at the new Ultra-modern Freetown International Airport.

Welcoming aviation stakeholders, the MTA Senior Permanent Secretary, Al-Hassan Kharamoh Kondeh, underscored that the purpose of the meeting was for all services providers at the Freetown International Airport to brainstorm and bring out suggestions that will help in the smooth start of operations at the new airport.

The Senior Permanent Secretary recalled that before now, a series of meetings with different stakeholders have been held with positive outcomes, which further calls for this final meeting.

In his address, the Hon. Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh M. Kallon, on behalf of the government thanked all staff of the airport for their continued and relentless services to the country. He called on all to continue in that good working spirit in making sure that the start of operations at the new FNA is seamless.

“Let me officially inform you all that the new FNA will start operations on the 25th of March 2023 with ASKY Airline as the first flight to touch down in the afternoon. There had been challenges along the line, but I believe with your support, these challenges will be addressed and we will work together for a better Sierra Leone”, the Minister said.

While assuring the stakeholders of the government’s fullest support, the Minister called on them to be law-abiding as they move to the new airport, mentioning that the new airport is a pride to us as Sierra Leoneans and that we should be proud of this great achievement as a nation.

On his part, the SLCAA Director-General, Dr. Moses Tiffa Baio, assured that as regulators, the SLCAA is set for the start of operations at the new airport, with both aviation safety and security structures put in place.

Dr. Baio, while calling on all staff to continue to display the highest form of professionalism when working at the new airport, informed them that operations at the new Freetown International Airport will be on a new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). He pleaded with them to be compliant with the set standards and recommended practices.

Senol Corlu, the General Manager of SUMMA, assured that they are fully ready to start operations and ready to welcome all scheduled airlines at the new airport.

The General Manager of the Sierra Leone Airports Authority, Jack D K Massaquoi, on his part maintained that they are also ready to navigate the air space. He revealed that their Air Traffic Controllers, Radio and Telecommunication Engineers have been working together with SUMMA in preparation for the start of operations at the new airport.

The Board of Airline Representative (BAR), Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) – Air Wing, Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Westminster Aviation Security Services (WASS), Sky Handling Partners (SHP), National Revenue Authority (NRA) – Customs, Immigration, Sierra Leone Metrological Agency, Water Taxies, and Airport Taxi among others were in attendance and gave their assurances for a smooth start of operations at the new Freetown International Airport.