Ahead of the ICAO USOAP Audit 2022… SLCAA Organises Internal Mock Audit

9th July 2021

SLCAA Training Hall, Lungi

In preparation for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) scheduled for April 2022, the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority has concluded its second Mock Audit.

The three-day Mock Audit is part of CAA’s activities to assess Sierra Leone’s safety oversight capabilities in the areas of Legislation, Regulations, Technical Personnel and Training, Technical Guidance Materials (TGMs), among others.

USOAP audits focuses on the State’s capability to provide safety oversight by assessing the effective and consistent implementation of Critical Elements (CEs) of a safety oversight system, which enables the State to ensure the implementation of ICAO’s safety-related Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and associated procedures and guidance materials.

During the exercise, various Heads of Departments stressed the significance of the Mock Audit and digressed on the Protocol Questions (PQs) intended to be assessed during the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme in 2022.  

Highlighting the Protocol Questions (PQs) that the State will be audited on, the SLCAA’s National Continuous Monitoring Coordinator (NCMC)/Safety Manager, Arnold Bangura, revealed that ICAO has reviewed the PQs from 943 to 790, giving a breakdown on all the different audit areas.

Presenting the Primary Aviation Legislation and associated Civil Aviation Regulations PQs, Director of Air Transport and Legal Services, Jusu Kallon, maintained that under Legislation, the State would be audited on 23 PQs, which invariably touch on all audit areas.  On the self-assessment for Personnel Licensing and Training (PEL), Sheka Magona, PEL Manager, also noted that their area would be audited on 93 PQs, of which 71 PQs applicable to the state.

Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) Officer, Prince Fillie, presenting on behalf of Aerodromes and Ground Aids Division, stated that there are 143 PQs related to the AGA Audit Area; 134 PQs applicable to the state, 32 PQs are satisfactory and 102 PQs are unsatisfactory; whilst Sahr Gando, Air Navigations Services (ANS) Manager presenting on their audit area, stated that their department has a total of 121 applicable PQs that would be audited.

Olubunmi Wellington, Sierra Leone’s Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations (AIG) Commissioner, stated that there are 84 PQs related to the AIG audit area, 12 PQs are satisfactory and 72 PQs is unsatisfactory.

In his statement to staff, the SLCAA Director-General, Moses Tiffa Baio, appraised the effort of all those who participated in the successful completion of the exercise, adding that for the State to pass the schedule ICAO USOAP Audit in April 2022, he was counting on the support of all staff.  “Our main focus during this mock exercise is to make decisions based on data and not on assumptions. Let us see ourselves as a team, fighting for one objective with more determination so at the end of the day we will achieve our desired goal,” DG Baio said.

DG Baio ended by stressing that Sierra Leone is a fertile ground for aviation within the sub-region, noting that staff should grab the opportunity to make Sierra Leone a global aviation hub. “All that was discussed during these three days were said in the spirit of National Development”.

At the end of the exercise, the work-plan presented was validated and a road map developed which will guide the SLCAA on its implementation of the Corrective Action Plans (CAP) before the scheduled Audit.