UKCAAi Organizes Workshop for ANS Staff

The UK based international organisation, United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority International (UKCAAi)
has organised a three-day workshop for Air Navigation Services (ANS) staff of the Sierra Leone Civil
Aviation Authority (SLCAA) at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Aberdeen.

The workshop, which commenced on the 27th January 2020, is part of the International Civil Aviation
Organisation’s (ICAO) Safe Fund Project launched last year to assist Sierra Leone in sustainably
strengthening its oversight capabilities.

The key purposes of the workshop are to review the Protocol Questions (PQs) for Online Framework
(OLF) and Associated Corrective Action Plans (CAPs); review Advisory Circulars (ACs) of Technical
Guidance Materials (TGMs) for Air Navigation Services (ANS) and Aerodrome and Ground Aids (AGA),
review proposed compliance checklists and their use, etc.

The UKCAAi Consultant, Colin Hicks said the workshop was organised as part of the key requirements of
the Safe Fund Project to build Sierra Leone’s Civil Aviation system in line with ICAO Standards and
Recommended Practices (SARPs).

“The primary focus is to build a road map between the Air Navigation Services Inspectors and Air
Navigation Services providers which is accomplished by identifying timeline to certify Air Navigation
Providers in accordance with the  SLCAA Regulation,” he said.

The workshop was organised in preparation for the certification of the Freetown International Airport
(FNA), as invitations were extended to staff of the Sierra Leone Airports Authority (SLAA), National Fire
Force and Meteorological Agency.