SLCAA Organises Aerodrome Certification Workshop for Staff

In an effort to certify the Freetown International Airport (FNA) to meet global benchmark, the Sierra
Leone Civil Aviation has organised its first in-house Aerodrome Certification workshop to enlighten
technical staff on the objectives and processes of the certification process and the expected
coordination of the various departments within the Authority.

The key objectives of the one-day workshop were to identify and measure the impacts of the
certification requirements on the operation of an aerodrome and to understand and fulfill the respective
roles and responsibilities of the aerodrome operator and the regulator.

In her opening statement, the Aerodromes and Ground Aids Manager, Lyat Mason gave an introduction
of Airport Certification, outlining the obligation of the State as a signatory to the Chicago Convention
(1944). She further specified that States Safety Oversight System provides for the implementation of
documented processes and procedures to ensure that personnel and organizations performing an
aviation activity meet the established requirements, before they are allowed to exercise the privileges of
a license, certificate, authorization and/or approval to conduct the relevant aviation activity.

She concluded by briefing staff on the International and National Standards related to aerodrome
certification and the associated 5 phase implementation procedures.

Facilitating the workshop, the Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AGA) Officer of SLCAA, Prince Fillie
delivered an in-depth explanation of the objectives, processes, procedures and requirements of the
Aerodrome certification process, outlining the obligations and requirements of the SLCAA and the Air
Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) whilst clearly defining the specific terms related to aerodrome
Certification (Aerodrome, Aerodrome Certificate).

In her closing remarks, Deputy Director General (Technical) of SLCAA, Fatu-Maria Wurie Conteh said
the presentation was a call to action which depicted that all parties concerned must work to achieve the
set goals, adding that Aerodrome Certification was not only a key requirement of the Abuja Safety
Target, but also a policy statement made by His Excellency Julius Maada Bio.

“Certifying FNA forms part of the strategic objectives of the SLCAA, therefore we must redouble our
effort to successfully achieve the certification process. The process requires five stages; this depicts we
must be successful in every step if we are to accomplish the said task,” the Deputy Director General