Minister of Transport and Aviation Meets ICAO Secretary General

The Minister of Transport and Aviation who is also Sierra Leone’s Lead Delegate to ICAO 40th Assembly has met with the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization, Dr. Fang Liu to thank her for ICAO’s contributions to the development of aviation in Sierra Leone.

The meeting was purposely scheduled to appreciate the leadership of ICAO for their technical assistance in the Safe Fund Project which helped in addressing the State’s safety deficiencies and also the inclusion of Sierra Leone in the Africa and Indian Ocean (AFI) Airport plan for the certification of the Freetown International Airport (FNA).

Hon. Kabineh Kallon appreciates the ICAO Secretary General for their numerous support in strengthening Global Civil Aviation particularly in the spirit of “No Country Left Behind”. While commenting on the political support for the growth of aviation industry in Sierra Leone, the Minister said the Government of Sierra Leone is committed to building the aviation industry given its significance to the State. He also thanked ICAO for the Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB) assistance in developing Civil Aviation Master Plan for Sierra Leone, requesting more support for the development of the sector in the future.

“Aviation is a catalyst for economic growth because it helps tourism to blossom. The President of Sierra Leone is working hard to diversify the economy as tourism forms the basis of our country’s economic diversification drive. Aviation facilitates tourism, as a result of this, aviation has been included in the National Development Plan for Sierra Leone. We are desperate to achieve positive result irrespectively of our infrastructural challenges,” he said.

In response to the Minister’s statement, the ICAO Secretary General, Dr. Fang Liu expressed her delight in the growth of aviation in Sierra Leone, especially the political commitment. She observed the current state of the industry in Sierra Leone, commenting further that ICAO would make aviation visible in Sierra Leone.

“We are aware of the infrastructural and human capital development challenges in Sierra Leone’s aviation sector, and be rest assured we will support you in any development drive to improve on the current state of Sierra Leone. However, much of the responsibility lies in the hands of the State. Aviation is a key to unlock any development project and to further highlight its significance, aviation contributes to 15 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sierra Leone must see aviation as an enabler of economic growth and the State should strengthen its commitment to ICAO,” she said.