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Sierra Leone
Civil Aviation

The Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Regulations are grouped into parts. Each part deals with specific regulation on certain things. Find below the regulations:

Part 1: General Policies Procedures and Definitions

Part 2:  Personnel Licensing

Part 3:  Approved Training Organisations

Part 4:  Aircraft and Markings

Part 5: Airworthiness

Part 6: Approved Maintenance Organisations

Part 7:  Instruments and Equipment

Part 8:  Operations

Part 9: Air Operators Certification & Administration

Part 10:  Commercial Air Transport by Foreign Air Operators

Part 11: Aerial Work

Part 12:  General Aviation

Part 13:  Aircraft Accidents & Incidents Investigations

Part 14:   Aerodromes

Part 15: Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

Part 16: Medical Licensing

Part 17:  Aviation Security

Part 18:  Economic Regulations

Part 19: Air Navigation Services

Part 20 A:  Handling Agents

Part 20 B:  Travel Agencies

Part 20 C:  Regulated Agents

Part 21: Parachute Operations


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