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SLCAA Will Achieve Safety and Security Level by 2020: ICAO
The Regional Director of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, Mam Sait Jallow has—on Thursday 4th October 2018said that Sierra Leone has the capacity to reach aviation compliance level for safety and security by 2020 under the astute leadership of the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority, Moses Tiffa Baio. 
He made this disclosure when making a PowerPoint presentation to the Minister of Transport and Aviation and other key stakeholders at the Conference Room of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, Youyi Building. He said that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has a responsibility to promote air transport in compliance with international best practices, and it is on this note that the organisation coined the theme: "Collaborating to develop International Civil Aviation".
"I believe Sierra Leone can eclipse the compliance level in safety and security in spite of the numerous challenges. But the government has a greater role to play in making that a reality. Air transportation plays a significant role in boosting the economy as it provides employment opportunities and contributes to the country's GDP. Improving on air transport means promoting economic diversification in areas such as tourism, agriculture, trade, aviation etc. Sierra Leone is at 20% compliance level in terms of safety, which is far below the 60% safety margin set by African Ministers responsible for Aviation in Abuja which is known as the Abuja Safety Targets.
The Minister of Transport and Aviation Hon. Kabineh M. Kallon said what ICAO currently is doing is in line with President Bio's New Direction Policy to improve on aviation services. While referencing the New Direction he mentioned that air transportation facilitates the movement of persons and goods in and out of the country and promotes trade and integration, serves as a catalyst for job creation and boosts economic diversification, economic growth and development. He continued by noting that that it was because of its significance that the president re-ehco its improvement during the State Opening of Parliament. He assured Mr. Jallow that the government, specifically the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, will work assiduously with CAA and SLAA to reach the 60% target by 2020.
As noted in the New Direction he ended by saying that the government will work in consonance with the ECOWAS Vision 2020 to improve the Air Transport sector by developing a sound and seamless regional air transport system that is safe, reliable, efficient and affordable, well connected within West Africa and integrated with the global network. 
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JET A1 Fuel Shortens at FNA

Freetown, April 17th, 2019 – Following the recent shortage in JET A1 Fuel at the Freetown International Airport due to the maintenance of Total SL Storage facility, the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation (SLCAA) has held a stakeholder meeting with the General Manager, Sierra Leone Airport Authority (SLAA), Chairman, Board of Airline Representative (BAR) and the Managing Director, Total Sierra Leone to address the issue.

The Authority notes that the maintenance period, which is a regulatory procedure that happens once in every 5 years, is scheduled to be completed within 4-6 weeks period. During the cause of this period, the Authority assures the general public that Total Sierra Leone will provide 50,000 litres daily consumption with 1,300,000 litres to cover for the maintenance period.

The SLCAA together with key stakeholders jointly agreed on two important points:

That they monitor the effective implementation of the emergency plan submitted by Total SL on the supply of JET A1 Fuel at the Freetown International Airport;

That a NOTAM (Notice To Air Men) be issued to cover for the said period.

As the regulatory body mandated by the SLCAA Act of 2017 to provide oversight functions within the air transport sector, we assure the general public that the necessary measures are being instituted to address the issue as soon as possible.

Moses Tiffa Baio,

Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority, National Development Bank Building,
3rd Floor, 21/23 Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Tel: 232 22222106/232 22 226191/232 22 225643
Email: info@slcaa.gov.sl

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New SLCAA Act in Parliament

The SLCAA Act, 2008 was repealed and replaced by a new Act called the SLCAA Act 2017. click here to view the SLCAA Act 2017.

Freetown International Airport

Freetown International Airport (IATA: FNA, ICAO: GFLL) officially, locally known as Lungi International Airport, is an international airport located in the coastal town of Lungi, Sierra Leone. It is the only international airport in Sierra Leone. The Sierra Leone River separates Lungi International Airport from Freetown, the capital city.

The Sierra Leone Airports Authority operates the airport from the capital city, Freetown. Prior to its use as a civilian airport, it was a British Royal Air Force base. In 2012 the management of the aviation security at the Freetown International Airport was contracted out to a British company, Westminster Aviation Security Services Ltd.

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